AC70 Sensorless Vector Control Inverter

Single Phase 220VAC, 0.4KW- 4KW Three Phase 380VAC, 0.75KW- 630KW

Wide voltage range: allowable voltage fluctuation range is ±15%.

High torque response speed, 20ms in OLV without PG.

High torque control accuracy in OLV without PG.

Compact structure design, high durability and high adaptability to environment.

AC70 sensorless vector control frequency inverter is one of the most best-selling low voltage inverters of Veichi that it is famous for its great quality and stable performance. This sensorless vector control frequency drive is of compact structure design and made of durable components that it can meet various kinds of load challenges and application scenarios.

1. Advanced control algorithm

AC70 vector motor control drive is developed with the latest control algorithms such as V/F, vector control without PG and PID control (what is PID control?) that it can flexibly meet multiple complicated application requirements such as fast response speed, high precision speed control, variable speed control and more.

Without PG vector control, the torque response speed= 20ms, torque control precision ±1%, 150% rated torque under 1Hz.

2. Wide input voltage range:

input voltage fluctuation ±15% is allowed.

3. Prominent overload capacity

150% of rated current in 60 seconds, 180% of rated current in 10 seconds, 200% of rated current in 1 second.

4. Strong adaptability to environment

AC70 vector control frequency drive is designed with compact structure and small size that it is suitable for strict installation requirements.

Its independent air duct design and anti-corrosion paint technology empowers AC70 with strong ability to resist dust, moisture, salt mist, mold and more.

5. User-friendly design, easy to operate and maintain

Detachable DC fan ensures that whole system can work quietly and stably. It is also simple for users to clean and replace the DC fan.

Plug and play and external keypad are supported.

AC70 vector control inverter drive supports data copying function, English interface with LCD/LED display.