AC80C 3 Phase Single Phase VFD

Single Phase 220VAC, 0.75KW- 4KW Three Phase 380VAC, 0.75KW- 630KW Three Phase 660VAC, 15KW- 630KW

High performance and high precision 3 / single phase VFD.

Adopts international advanced vector control algorithm.

Use the latest generation TI DSP, its computing speed increases 50%.

Support various PG card and electrical motors.

Veichi AC80C is the updated version of AC80B with enhanced performance, precision, reliability, environment adaptability and usability. Compared with AC80B, AC80C low voltage inverter is more feature-rich, flexible and stable:

1. High Computing Speed

Using the latest high speed motor control DSP of TI and 3-core CPU, the computing speed increases 50%, program capacity has doubled.

2. Multiple Control Modes

Integrated multiple advanced motor control methods such as V/F control without PG, vector controlwithout PG, PG vector control and optimized PWM (what is PWM) speed control:

A. The steady speed precision is less than or equal to 1% without PG, 0.02% with PG control.

B. The torque response speed is less or equal to 20ms without PG high performance vector control, 10ms with PG high performance vector control.

C. High starting torque: 180% of rated torque at 0.5Hz without magnetic flux vector control; 200% of rated torque at 0Hz under magnetic flux vector control.


3. Wide Voltage Range

Wide voltage input range with automatic voltage regulation function, this AC frequency converter can work continuously during momentary power loss or power derated situation with low noise.

4. RS485 Communication

AC80C is designed with more stable RS485 communication function that it solves the bug in AC80B model.

5. Complete Protection Function

AC80C has a complete protection system such as under voltage, over voltage, over current, phase missing, over heat, over load, encoder broken and other protection functions.

6. Ease to Use

Support parameter copy and backup, remote control with extension cable, LCD and LED display in English. Therefore, it is very easy to use!

7. Long Service Life

As Veichi AC80C single phase VFD (what is the difference between 3 phase and single phase?) is designed with wide input voltage range, high quality cooling fan and special PCB spraying, it can work properly in a long time without trouble.