AC90 Tension Control VFD

Three Phase 380VAC, 0.75KW- 93KW

Adopts the latest tension control technique.

Precise control in frequency, rolling diameter and line speed.

Built-in inertia torque compensation module for better control.

Automatically start broken belt protection according to anomalous changes in rolling diameter.

AC90 series is a high performance vector tension control;VFD drive which is developed with the latest open loop tension control technique under torque mode. With its advanced torque recognition algorithms, it can automatically compensate inertia and friction which ensures consistent tension control during manufacturing process. It features smart rolling diameter recognition, high recognition accuracy and strong anti-disturbance ability.

1. Outstanding Working Performance

Veichi AC90 tension control VFD supports multiple tension control modes, diverse tension given ways, various rolling diameter calculation methods and dynamic compensation modes that it can effortlessly deal with various application occasions. It features high precision in output torque linearity, fast torque response speed and ripple-free output. AC90 can replace the traditional tension control system with enhanced tension control performance.

In OLV: the torque accuracy is ±3%; torque response time is less than 20ms.
In CLV: the torque accuracy is ±2%; torque response time is less than 10ms.

2. Professional Design

a. AC90 is treated with conformal coatings that it is moisture-proof, dust-proof and mold-proof.

b. Wide voltage range design that it can meet various application scenarios.

c. Independent air duct design that its cooling performance is good.

d. It is simple to replace the fan so users can easily clean and maintain it.

3. Rich Extension Functions

Veichi AC90 tension control frequency inverter is designed with multiple extension ports for optional input card, profibus-DP card, PG feedback card, output expansion card and more, so that it can meet all kinds of control requirements.