ACH100 High Voltage Inverter

Veichi high voltage inverter is the most innovative and advanced high power drive on the market. It features high control accuracy, high power factor, high efficiency and low harmonic pollution. It has been known as "Perfect Harmony High Power Inverter" i

Well-known as perfect harmony inverter in electrical industry

Running with stable performance, high efficiency and high precision control

Adopts DSP+FPGA control method which ensures high data processing speed and logical operation speed

Enhance your productivity and competiveness

Veichi ACH100 series high voltage inverter, featuring long-term stable operation, precise control, easy maintenance, high efficiency, simple operation and more advantages, effectively improves the running performance of industrial motors, pumps, fans and etc. By using ACH100, it can bring you a lot of benefits such as decreasing system maintenance cost, increasing productivity and more.

1. Professional structure

Its control system is composed of touch screen, programmable logic controller and mainboard serial structure, so it effectively reduces the data circulation, balances the data processing pressure of each module. As it adopts serial communication in data transmission, the anti-interference ability of the system has been greatly enhanced.


2. Data processing and control accuracy

It adopts the latest components such as TI DSP F28335 and ALTERA FPGA, Veichi ACH100 stands out from our competitors’ products with powerful processing capability and high control accuracy.

3. Control system

It is designed with simplified control system reduces the number of external components and failure points.

4. Anti-interference ability

Optical fiber communication and opto-isolator guarantees the full isolation between weak current and strong current what protects the system against interference.

5. Low harmonic distortion

Because of using phase-shifting rectifier transformers, ACH100 do not bring obvious harmonic distortion to power grid.

6. Safe to replace filter

ACH100 is designed with compact structure and professional layout. Its unique filter design allows replacing filter cotton safely during the running process.

7. Power factor compensation

Input power factor is high than 0.96, with no need of power factor compensation equipment.

8. High working efficiency

The output current waveform is close to sine wave, harmonic distortion is less than 2%, output frequency is greater than 97%.

9. Stablity

The fault diagnosis and protection function is complete so that the system can achieve long-term stable running.

10. Dual-power supply

Its control system is of dual-power supply what ensures the system do not lose power during the running status.

11. User-friendly

Veichi ACH100 VFD drive is designed with intuitive user interface that it is easy to set parameters, check fault records and more.